What we know so far


WHAT WE KNOW SO FAR AS AT 4th JULY 2006 from letters and with the assistance of Pierre Sauer and Laurent Sauer who by chance came across this website on 26th January 2006

  Liesel (Licy) Waller was born in Germany on 27th January 1903 to parents Mendel Morris Waller born on 1st March 1968 in Gros Krotzenburg and Erna (nee Katz) born August 1882 in Noringen. They had been married in Gotingen, Germany on 5th February 1902. Mendel died in Noringen, Germany and Erna around 1939, place unknown.  

Erna's parents were Mendel (Moses) Katz and Fanny (nee Fischer) and she had a sister Martha born in 1885. Liesel (Licy pronounced Lissy) came to England and worked as a housekeeper, nanny and governess. She was naturalised as a British subject in 1939. On 15th June 1950, her occupation given as Accountants' Clerk) she married, Gustaw Rosenberg (barrister at law) who died on 22nd January 1963. Gustaw was a widower and had two sons John Joseph (who changed his name to Yohanan Joseph RAMATI and Stanislus George (who changed his name to Shaul Ramati). Licy and Gustaw were living at 13 Bishops Road, London N6 both at the time of their marriage and of Gustaw's death. Until all the letters are translated we will know little of her time in England. At the time of her death in Barnet General Hospital aged 91 in February 1994, Licy had been living in Heinrich Stahl House, The Bishops Avenue, N2.  

  Licy's aunt Martha was married on 29th August 1905 to Paul Sauer, born 15th January 1878 in Norten, Germany, died 1946 in Kockelberg, Belgium. They had one child, Hans, born 26th June 1906 in Kockelberg, Belgium. Hans married Madeleine Alexander on 19th April 1936. In 1942 Hans disappeared after being taken by the Germans. His death is unrecorded. I have searched the Yad Vashem database to no avail so we must assume that he is one of the thousands who perished with no known place and year of death.   Hans and Madeleine had one son  

 Pierre Paul Sauer who lives in Belgium. He and his wife Liliane (nee Fortems) are separated.  Pierre and Liliane have three sons:

Olivier, Laurent and Amaury  

After the war, and having had no positive response from the Red Cross as to the fate of Hans, Martha came to London, living in Hendon and NW11, becoming a naturalised British subject in 1953. She died in the first quarter of of 1968.

With the help of Pierre Paul Sauer and his son Laurent many of the people in the photographs on the website have been identified.. Pierre and Laurent Sauer visited London in May 2006 where a presentation was made of this collection. It was an emotional time for all. Since when, with their help, some more of the photographs have been identified.

We have had further assistance in translating from the German. JGSGB President, Anthony Joseph, has become interested in solving more of the riddles and to that end he has acquired Licy's death certificate (she died intestate) Gustaw Rosenberg's death certificate and Will and Letters of Probate.  

Louise Messik