Bristol Gabbai Book Information

Bristol Hebrew Community Gabbai Book

JGSGB has transcribed a Gabbai Book, owned by an anonymous donor in Israel.

A Gabbai Book is used by the Gabbai or Shamash/Warden of a synagogue to record donations from congregants without the need to write the details down. The holes and threads are used to indicate the type of honour being donated against and the amount donated.

The original data was created by the Bristol Jewish community from information given to it by members. 

The back of the book bears a typed notation identifying the book as a Gabbai's book and assigning it to London, 18th century.

Prominent Members of the Bristol Hebrew Congregation are mentioned in this Gabbai Book.

The estimated commencement date of this Book is prior to 1854 based on our research. The Geographical locations are England and the language source is English and Hebrew

Digital copies of the pages of the Gabbai book were created by its owner and distributed electronically to the JGSGB Council.

Leigh Dworkin transcribed the English and Hebrew into this spreadsheet format. The Hebrew transcriptions were checked by Graham Lewis.

Digital Copy

A Digital copy of the book itself can viewed by clicking on the following link: Digital Gabbai Book

YouTube Video of the Gabbai Book

A video of the Gabbai Book has been produced and can be viewed by clicking on the following link: Gabbai Book Video
Gabbai Book Transcription
The full transcription of the Gabbai Book and information about Prominent Members of the Bristol Hebrew Community can be viewed in the Members' Area of the JGSGB website. The transcription will remain in the Members' Area for about 12 months before the information is transferred to the Jewish Communities and Records - United Kingdom website for open viewing.