Sauer and Waller Archive

In 2000, the Jewish Information Bureau, a division of Chabad House of Hendon received a phone call from a contractor who was renovating an old house that had belonged to an elderly woman who had passed away. He had noticed a blue aged suitcase in the skip they were using, opened it and found it's contents were of Jewish origin, little did he know that the contents of this suitcase were priceless. When he brought it over to the Bureau's offices, they were stunned to find a woman's entire life in that small suitcase, passport's, Ketubah's, letter's, pictures, postcards, it was mind boggling. After a few years of no luck in locating the family, the Jewish Information Bureau met with the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain, who were more than happy to index the entire contents of the suitcase. With the assistance of the Society's members, many of the letters and postcards were translated and the photos identified resulting in finding the relatives of Licy Waller. 
Monash Overlander

In late December 2005 we were contacted by Laurent Sauer , from Belgium, who had happened across these webpages on the JGSGB website. He had been trying to find information about his grandfather Pierre Sauer and he knew that Licy Waller was his cousin. He got in touch with the Society and after many exchanges we established that in fact he had 'found' members of his lost family, sadly all now deceased. This is one of the amazing success stories of which we are very proud.
Louise Messik

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